Welcome to my blog I am going to go through what I think is one of
The Best Books and Training Course
in its existence that anyone that wants to be successful should read go through.


This Book is called,

“The Law of Success in 16 Lessons”

The course is not for the light hearted. This course if for that one person that is looking for something better, for something more, that is at their last give. The one that feels that they have nothing left feels that they are not meant for success. and any other internal feeling that you want to give up.

Now, those are some of the common reasons why someone would start a deeper more profound search for more.

But ultimately your mind, your subconscious has to be looking for it.

With that last sentence being said, that’s why you’re arrived at this page. You may not think so you may be thinking that you were just searching the internet for self-help material, or maybe some internet marketing information, or for some way to make money. As you search for these things you came across this page and you stopped for a second glanced at the words and it drew you in and now you’ve read up to here. You may not even believe it. But it’s true. Really! Stop and think for a second about what you were searching for? Now take what you were thinking one step further, what is the root feeling to your primary thoughts?  Is it, I want more? Or I deserve more? I feel that in a born leader but why am I where I’m at, I should have more? What is the real reason you are having thought though. We all say we want more but never do anything about it. But yet your here. You still don’t believe it? That is perfectly acceptable. It’s a difficult thing to grasp.

These lessons are not lessons we learn in school these are lessons that were gather from many successful individual that helped mold our world and used all the principals listed in these lessons.

Now how am I and why should you listen to me?

I’m a nobody to millions but a somebody to many. My name is Joshua P. I live in Orange County California.  I have been reading these types of book for many years. I’m 30 years old right now and I picked up my first copy of “Think and Grow Rich” When I was about 20 years old. Once I read that book I started down the path of change. A change in myself personally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and so many more ways that I would not even begin to tell you all of them.

People that know me say that I can talk a lot. That everywhere I talk to everyone. A friend of mine even told her boss that I would have been a good candidate for position because he talks to everyone even people on elevators. Lol… Talk to people on elevator!!! Ha ha… who talks to people on elevators? : ) I guess I do…

Why did I tell you that I talk too much, because I use to be really shy? Very introverted. But once I started devouring all this material my mind set, My outlook on life, the way my thoughts changed from CAN’T to CAN, from COULD to SHOULD, from IMPOSSIBLE to POSSIBLE..

So Am I a teach of this material? No. Do I think I can go up against Tony Robbins in motivated people? No, because he has many, many more years on me, but I think I would of given him a run for his money! : ) He’s another one of my guys. He’s freakin awesome. He helped me through one of my years.

Ok so why are you here, I don’t know how this stuff works, I just it does! If you choose to stay with me, you are going to unbark on a journey that will change your life forever…


What you’re going to get from these pages is not my writing I didn’t write any of this I just had a though one day that more people should now about this. Don’t get me wrong. Many people do. But my generation and the new generation really don’t know about this material and I want to share it.

This is my goal and my vision for my writing of this blog. Napoleon Hills Chief Aim was to help the world achieve happiness and show us that we can attain anything our heart desires. He got to see his Chief Aim full filled within his lifetime. His passion for this attainment molded the thoughts which started molding his inner world, which in turn started to create is outer world. His thoughts guided his mind to create everything that was created by him and the legacy he left behind. I don’t think there will ever be another opportunity to do what Dale Carnegie had Napoleon Hill do.

* You will read and hear about who Dale Carnegie is within the readings

So what I want to do is bring this material to life. For everyone to see and experience its natural power. And to present to you the teachings of this great man.

I plan is to write out this entire book. This book is 1170 pages long. I have this in audio form and in eBook form.  So if I have it in ebook form why don’t I just upload it and market the crap out of it? Well because if I did that then it would be too easy. And anything worth achieving is never easy.

But, also this is where this book is going to have a chance to come to life.

Firstly, Someone (I) is writing this out in a blog format. The lay out is going to work like this. I’m going to write one or two pages and I’m done with the book part.

Secondly, I’m going to write about any experiences I’m having or have had that relate to those pages. This is where this book is going to start to come alive.

Thirdly, now this is where THE MAGIC is going to happen. Once people start finding this blog my hope is that people will start gravitating to it and start reading these magnificent, magical, and so profound works of wisdom that everyone is going to start sharing their passions, their dreams, their desires, their wants, their goals, and be in a community of likeminded individuals, that will uplift people, where people will share their story of who they are where they came from. And who knows maybe it will come to a point where people will help others, not because they have to but because they want to.

To live in a world of joy and happiness. Where we all get a long and love each other. (Wishful thinking I know) but if we help at least one person we will have done so much.

Thank you all for read this far. Like I said earlier, I got past my shyness and now I can’t stop talking.

**Quick clause here – If you don’t like the way I talk, if you don’t like the way I write, if you don’t like that it takes me awhile to get to the point. I really don’t give a CR*P. I’m not here to please you. And I don’t want you on this blog. This is going to sound contradicting at this moment but I don’t want anyone that is going to be negative on this blog. One bad mind can collapse a country the size of Rome. I happened.

So please, like we learn in school if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all. If you are a negative person but want to be on here. Then keep the negative at your house and just pretend to be positive in here. I want this to be a positive uplifting environment for everyone. And I promise you that if we stick together on this your life is going to change Not because of me, not because of this book, but because you have made a choice to.


Book Layout




The tabs I’m thinking I’m going to want to have in here are as follows but not for sure


I would like to make this a community site someday as well. I’ll need to learn how to do that.

Oh and something I have wanted to do since I learned this from an old mentor of mine Michael Delahey. We meet once a week on a conference call and we talk about what were read and what we got out of it. All on a live phone call or because of technology on a live webinar or podcast.

So many things, my mind is racing right now. I have some many Ideas flowing through my head.

I also welcome your thoughts and ideas to make this site bigger and better than any other site of its existence.

OK my hand is starting to cramp up and I really need to stop talking.

Bye for now. Thank you

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